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When we first stumbled upon the flat on Boston Living, it seemed almost too good to be true. They provided us with all the information we needed and showed us around. The flat is just perfect! We can clearly express that Boston Living made sure that the place is clean...

Meher Suseel M

Located in Whitefields HITEC City, Boston living is offering you a furnished space, having good amenities with adequate staff. Built to perfection, they have flats finished with cozy rooms, single beds, 40 inch TV in the hall, Wi-Fi in every room and so on., where-in...

Ravi Kumar

Boston Living tries to bring together all the people living in it, by organising different events and make it more interactive which is in contrast with the regular paying guests, where the people hardly know each other.


It’s the most lively place I've ever stayed in. Well-furnished, cozy rooms, high-class maintenance along with events to bust the boredom during the weekends makes it an awesome place to stay.

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